At Black River Outdoors we take Hunting seriously. We know that there are tons of other outfitters out there so please give me a moment to show you how we are different from the others. At Black River Outdoors we don’t just see you the hunter as a number or another dollar. We take the time to get to know you personally and build a relationship with you so that you can end your yearly search of where I should hunt next year. With us hunting isn’t just a way to make extra income but, rather a passion. With that passion that we have for hunting comes a drive to give you a successful hunt like no other. Customer service is our #1 Priority. In the world today, it is common to receive less than poor customer service in almost any store you go to except for a few. At Black River Outdoors we strive to make your hunt with us as relaxing and fun as possible. Regardless of if we are whacking some ducks or dropping some bucks we know that once you hunt with us that you’ll want to come back year after year. Our promise to you the customer is that you will always receive 110% of our effort. For example, during the season our guides and myself are constantly monitoring the property and flying over the property to figure out exactly where the ducks and deer are wanting to be and what their patterns are. This routine is not a weekly or monthly practice. It is a Daily and hourly practice that never ends. We get enjoyment out of watching our groups making memories. Don’t get me wrong, watching some ducks fall out of the sky or watching an arrow pass through a big buck is fun. The enjoyment of watching the excitement of our hunter’s harvest animals is second to none. As I stated before, we all know that there are tons of outfitters out there but, I can guarantee you that you won’t find an outfitter that works harder to give you the hunt of a life time and unbeatable customer service. We Appreciate your business and we look forward to having you come and make memories that will last a lifetime.



Garrett Lassiter